Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Camp Createability’s Autism Awareness “Flash Mob” to Roll Out at the Madison Capital

MADISON, Wis., Sept. 16, 2019 /Kiewire/ -- 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Over the next decade it is estimated that 500,000 (50,000/yr.) will enter adulthood and age out of school based autism services. Of the nearly 18,00...
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Yuri Rutman’s Film About Siderodromophilia, “Trained”, hits 33 Million Homes Via Shorts.Tv

LOS ANGELES, CA, Sept. 5, 2019 /Kiewire/ -- Yuri Rutman's erotically fueled drama, "Trained", which...
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ROAR Organic Partners With Female Entrepreneurs Making Moves With ‘ROAR Models’ Campaign

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2019 /Kiewire/ -- ROAR Organic, the USDA Certified Organic electrolyte infusion...