You42 To Begin Public Presale On July 2nd 2018


ATLANTA, April 23, 2018 /Kiewire/ — You42, the premium social entertainment platform that allows users to exchange and monetize their content through the use of the U42 ERC-20 compliant token, is announcing today that it will be holding its public presale on 07/02/18 ahead of a public crowdsale (otherwise known as an ICO). The public presale comes hot off the heels of a successful private presale that raised $21.1M, this sales event gives users a chance to get in early and help shape the platform from its launch which will go live on the conclusion of the public ICO.

You42 is a social entertainment platform where users can create, share, and consume a wide range of content, from videos to music and games to individual element such as out-takes and stems. By becoming content creators and curators, users can promote their work through the You42 Token and across the You42 social spaces and messaging platform .

Between this sale, the private presale, and the ICO, You42 hopes to raise a total of USD $50 million. This will be used to fund content and user acquisition alongside attracting a large and financially-invested pool of users.

You42’s New Vision for Social Media & Entertainment

You42 was founded to counter the influence of large entertainment firms while giving consumers and creators new opportunities to engage with one another. The You42 platform lets them do this by:

  • Creating Content– Creators can use the platform to release new games, music, artwork, articles and other content. From there they can monetize their work using the U42 Token.
  • Rewarding Fans– Creators can use the platform to reward loyal fans with special discounts, early access to exclusive content, and direct communication through live chat, videos and messages. Fans get a new level of engagement, while creators have the tools needed to build their fanbase.
  • Cultivating Convenience– You42 offers consumers the option of accessing all their favorite content from the same platform. This sets the stage for a more convenient experience, as users won’t have to switch between platforms for different types of entertainment.

By releasing its own token, You42 hopes to tie every user’s financial interest to that of the entire platform. The more people want to use the platform,content creators will be spurred to establish themselves on You42 early and invite their fans to follow them.

You42 is issuing a fixed total of 525 million Tokens, which will be traded at a rate of 1 ETH to 808 Tokens (current market rate). When the public presale begins on (07/02/18), consumers will be able to buy these tokens in earnest, gaining access to the platform while helping it reach its $50million initial funding goal.