VaynerSports Announces Partnership With Hylux


NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2019 /Kiewire/ — VaynerSports, in addition with its client Allen Robinson, announced a partnership today with Hylux, a vitamin-filled & nutritionally enhanced water. Under this partnership, VaynerSports will provide Hylux’s functional beverage services at all tentpole VaynerSports events as well as at all youth player camps.

“We were really excited to partner with Hylux because both companies share the values of entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration,” said VaynerSports CEO, AJ Vaynerchuk.

The Founder of Hylux, Lamar Letts, is a former athlete-turned entrepreneur. After a successful crowdfunding, Hylux has expanded its reach into the local New York and Boston markets. It is continuing to see distribution across the United States. Letts was incredibly excited for Robinson to join the Hylux team.

“The relationship between companies and professional athletes has drastically shifted in modern times. Allen Robinson represents a new wave of athletes actively searching for and aligning themselves with products that solve real problems in their communities. Allen has seen how unhealthy food in schools and grocery stores has negatively affected his community. Now he’s taking action. We’re excited to kick off our partnership with Allen and continue to expand our all-natural nutrition waters throughout the United States.” – Hylux CEO, Lamar Letts

About VaynerSports
Looking to disrupt the sports agency space, VaynerSports is a first-class, innovative full-service NFL agency equipped to change professional sports representation one athlete at a time.

The vision for VaynerSports is simple: we are the agency for the modern-day athlete. As a fully-integrated agency, we are uniquely positioned to maximize the modern athlete’s potential by combining the knowledge and talent of skilled advocates, with the marketing and brand-building expertise of two cutting edge businesses.

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About Hylux
Hylux is a health beverage company that helps people make the small changes in their lives that can deliver big health results. Our main product is Hylux, a great-tasting and nutritionally enhanced water. They believe that reading nutrition labels shouldn’t be scary or confusing. That’s why they strive to make healthy living easy.

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