UnicornGo: Beautiful Game for Smart People


SINGAPORE, April 11, 2018 /Kiewire/ — The UnicornGo team is now ready to offer an exceptional game where players can become owners of mythological cryptocreatures, unicorns! Buy land, grow magical candy trees and buy/sell/exchange/sire unicorns on the marketplace with tokens called CandyCoin.

CandyCoin is the internal currency of UnicornGo, backed by famous venture investor Alexander Borodich. CandyCoin currently uses smart contracts on the Ethereum platform and has a release cap of 12,000,000 tokens.

At the moment, CandyCoin is being traded on the ForkDelta exchange, and is also listed for voting on Cobinhood and other popular crypto exchanges.

The next step is to move to the Universa blockchain, which offers faster transactions and almost zero fees.The mobile version of the game, which is under priority development, will bring the player into augmented reality, with the Izetex team working on the integration of cryptounicorns into the real world.

The UnicornGo team, together with BasisNeuro, has already developed a neural interface for controlling the cryptounicorns with the power of thought! A new high-tech gadget design is being created under the guidance of a designer who previously worked for Tesla. This new gadget promises to become a real sensation of gaming controls.

The first generation of unicorns, GEN-0, can be bought on the official website. GEN-0 is limited to 30,000 unicorns, which will be the predecessors to all subsequent generations. This opens profitable gains for each user, especially early members of the community. GEN-0 unicorn genes are randomly generated with a 30 percent higher chance to get rare traits than in following generations. Moreover, any player who gets a Legendary Unicorn will get a $10,000 prize from UnicornGo as a tribute from the team for supporting the project.

The marketplace is now available in the game, where unicorns can be sold, bought or bred with other players to obtain valuable offspring. Players can also buy Land, an in-game asset that allows production of MegaCandy by growing magical trees from planted CandyCoins. MegaCandy, a special treat for unicorns, is used to shorten the breeding and tournaments cooldown.

The mechanics of cross breeding and hereditary traits are based on real scientific genetic research. In fact, every player can contribute to the development of science by breeding and creating new species. As genetic crossovers occur, scientists can make new discoveries with the help of blockchain technology.

In addition to their digital genetic traits, every unicorn can build its own market value by gaining popularity through likes and views. In the future this can lead to the rise of celebrity unicorns. The cost of breeding with such a unicorn can result in a quite substantial payment to its owner.

Find out more about the UnicornGo project, purchase a first-generation unicorn and try your luck to win $10,000 on the company’s official website https://play.unicorngo.io/

To create your own unique unicorn and play with its features in the sandbox, follow the link http://demo.unicorngo.io/


Dmitry Sukontsev, Head of PR, +79658209343

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