Skroller, the backrest for e-scooters is in town!


SPAIN, Aug. 29, 2019 /Kiewire/ — This is a wakeup call for all those who find themselves stuck in traffic or squeezed into a packed wagon on a daily basis. Stressed-out commuters are suffering the effects of harmful fumes, noisy honks, and never-ending trips. But there is a way out: the e-scooter wave is sweeping away this undermining routine and energizing our commutes worldwide.

Those of us already riding this wave are committed advocates of this affordable and eco-friendly means of transport that reduces traffic jams, unclutters cityscapes, and is actually fun to ride. It’s our alternative to the soul-killing routine of commuting like sheep. But just like the saddle on a horse, the e-scooter needs something that enhances the rider’s comfort, stability, and control, reducing drastically the risk of accidents and falls.

Resigning ourselves to sore legs, back pain and the immediate loss of stability and control at the slightest road crack is definitely not ‘smart mobility’. Both new and experienced riders are longing for a device that reduces body strain and enhances control avoiding clumsy back- seats.

Unlike all other two wheeled vehicles, e-scooters lack an anchor point beside your hands. When riding a bike your hands will just steer, relying the balance entirely on your body. Pretending to rely both steering and equilibrium on a body part that we need constantly while riding is doomed to lack any control whatsoever, resulting in an unsafe ride.

Skroller connects your body to the pole of the scooter enabling it as the centre of balance. That’s right, you can now shift your weight to the sides while turning so that the riding feels smoother and safer, feeling in control of each turn, even when hands free!

All this is accomplished by means of a band with a comfortable cushion that you can easily fasten around your waist. Since the mechanism is designed to retrieve automatically as you get closer to the pole, you can confidently lean back and relax. You can regulate the band length on-the-go by simply pressing an easily accessible button on top of Skroller, as you no longer need both hands to keep equilibrium.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities only restrained by your fantasy. Common actions that seemed impossible and dangerous while riding without Skroller, like wearing an umbrella, signalling a turn or even juggling are now at will, in a comfortable and easy way. To achieve the functionalities needed while guaranteeing the best performance and endurance, we have engineered Skroller using the latest materials in the market. Making it incredibly resistant to any type of efforts or shocks.

Now our team is polishing and refining the last details to bring to your town this thrilling new experience. Skroller is appearing on stage on the 9th of September through a crowdfunding campaign hosted on Kickstarter. Although the most enthusiastic riders can already pre-order their Skroller at with a 40% discount from the retail price.

Regardless of how you commute, we encourage you to back us on the 9th and help us embrace you while riding the e-scooter wave. Because getting there can be just as great as being there!