PointsBet Launches The Bad Beat Index – New Definitive Ranking for Sports Betting Bad Beats

Backed by PointsBet's proprietary technology, index aims to bring standardized scoring and severity to bad beats


EXCHANGE PLACE, N.J., Sept. 3, 2019 /Kiewire/ — PointsBet, a premier global sportsbook operator, announced today the creation of “The Bad Beat Index.” The index will be published regularly HERE and will utilize PointsBet’s leading, in-house technology and sports expertise to create the industry-wide, official rankings system for all bad beats.

The Bad Beat Index serves as the first and only quantifiable system providing metrics that determine the severity of bad beats for bettors. The index further compliments PointsBet’s well-received, bettor-friendly history of placing clients first while highlighting PointsBet’s Karma Kommittee and offering insight toward Good Karma Payouts – a popular PointsBet initiative that features basketball legend Allen Iverson and provides bettors relief in the event of unlikely circumstances that sway the fate of the game or season.

“We did our due diligence from the start and made sure to build the best technology team in sports betting,” noted Johnny Aitken, PointsBet USA CEO. “As a result, we are excited to be able to provide tools like The Bad Beat Index – a smart, powerful instrument from PointsBet that will provide vital information to help the entire industry.”

The newly launched index will continually be updated and includes all sporting events from 2019, coinciding with PointsBet’s U.S. launch in January 2019.

Currently, the top-10 Bad Beats of 2019 are:

  1. Auburn vs. Virginia – 4/6/19 (Moneyline)
  2. Purdue vs. Virginia – 3/30/19 (Moneyline/spread)
  3. Bruins vs. Leafs – 4/23/19 (Total)
  4. Villanova vs. Providence – 3/14/19 (Moneyline)
  5. Rams vs. Saints – 1/20/19 (Moneyline)
  6. Duke vs. UCF – 3/24/19 (Moneyline)
  7. Hornets vs. Raptors – 3/24/19 (Moneyline)
  8. Northwestern vs. Stanford – 8/31/19 (Spread)
  9. Clemson vs. NC State – 3/13/19 (Moneyline)
  10. Golden Knights vs. Sharks – 4/23/19 (Moneyline)


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