INTChain Continues Global Expansion


HANGZHOU, China, April 25, 2018 /Kiewire/ — What are the possible reasons behind this skyrocketing of INT price, experienced investors have knowledge about this technology orientated team and how they have promoted the plan at its own pace: the first public chain of the IoT has been released as scheduled, and the even in the bear market, INT was among the very few projects still holding price at 2.5 times of initial coin price. INT will launch a series of huge actions in April. All about launching a series of positive actions.

The combination of actions from a technology orientated team is sure to be fully understood by every investor who is ready to engage in a bull market.

INT has risen at a higher percentage than BTC,and ETH, from the coinmarketcap ( data platform, as of 9:24 am April 22, INT’s 24-hour increase was up to 62.14% and the price rose to 0.391 dollars.

Action 1: INT’s new white paper will be released soon

The INT White Paper 2.0 will be released in April. According to the team’s latest weekly report, Dr. Xiang Ruofei has already conducted training for domestic and oversees operation teams.

This new edition of the white paper will redraw the vision, the application of practical problems, the realization of technology, and business models. The release of the new white paper will surely  strengthen the confidence of investors and fans in the prospect of INT project.

Action 2: INT chain global beta

Less than 3 months after releasing the INTchain1.0, INT will launch several big issues:

  1. INT’s global beta will be a big event,
  2. INT will launch open-source code,
  3. The first generation beta device will be released.

Currently the global beta is counting down, the price is unpredictable and INT will have a bull market rally.

Action 3: Launching a Global Candy Airdrop Event

For the purpose of celebrating the fervent progress of the global beta of the main chain, INT will launch a Candy airdrop campaign with the theme of “INTChain global beta”. This event will be the first candy airdrop campaign since INT project was established. The number of users in INT’s domestic and overseas communities will reach a new peak.

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