EOE Officially Announces Run at Blockchain Summit 2018, Crypto Valley


ZUG, SwitzerlandApril 29, 2018 /Kiewire/ — Blockchain Summit opened on April 26th at Crypto Valley – Zug, Switzerland. EOE was invited to attend this Summit. Rex Li, the Independent Director of EOE attended the ECOSYSTEM PANEL at the Blockchain Summit which discussed incubating and company building in a Blockchain World, and sharedtips for entrepreneurs about getting in and making the most of the programs, as well as insights from international participants about what makes blockchain attractive.

Blockchain technology today forms the basis of an on-line secure ledger system. Blockchain is gaining momentum since it has multifaceted applications and is moving towards mainstream adoption. The overall market is predicted to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021.

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm – and Zug is at the center of it all. The 2018 Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley brought together innovative startups and cutting-edge corporations using distributed ledger technology in a multi-industry themed event highlighting the synergies of the rapidly evolving landscape. More than 30 companies hosted exhibition booths, presenting their products and services to the audience.

The Blockchain Summit Zurich featured a series of high-level tutorials and a multi-speaker conference with presentations and interactive discussions. It is going to discuss how blockchain continues to grow and expand around the world, changing business and spurring innovation.

At the ECOSYSTEM PANEL, Rex Li pointed out that the initiative of traditional investment and asset management lies in the hands of managers. Investors have little control of the risks of their investment projects. According to Rex, the biggest challenge for centralized exchanges is capital security and credibility due to the risks of price manipulation and fraud.

With this, Rex Li displayed that EOE can largely be attributed to the one-on-one system which aims to establish an all-asset-class trading platform called “Universal Ledger” based on blockchain technology. In addition, connecting financial markets around the world via advanced FIX APIs, bridging technologies and providing all kinds of trading asset classes.

In addition to Rex Li, speakers include Isabella Brom of Lakeside Parnters, Andreas Iten of Head Corporate Ventures SIX, Dr. Matthias Lange of Finleap and Ariel Ludi of Hammer Team Growth Accelerator.

It seems highly probable that blockchain will impact how financial services are delivered; the real questions are the magnitude and timing of the changes.


Please visit https://blockshoweurope.com/meetups/zurich/


EOE (Exchange of Exchanges) is a global asset chain. It will connect exchanges, banks and other financial institutions around the world and establishes a consolidated KYC authentication system and a unified trading, clearing and settlement system based on the features from blockchain, such as tamper-resistance and smart contracts.

EOE aims to invest in international stocks, bonds, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, crypto derivatives and various other financial products with just one single account and thus to realize one currency to finish all the transactions and settlement process.

EOE Innovative trading products and service

  1. EOE Crypto 20+ Index Futures / Options
  2. ETF + Portfolio arbitrage
  3. Structured funds
  4. Capital financing & Cryptocurrency financing
  5. Cryptocurrency Futures / Options
  6. EOE Crypto Volatility Index + Index Futures / Options
  7. Block trading services
  8. Share transfer registration services
  9. Listed bond issuing for start-up blockchain companies
  10. Forward & Swap contract services when cryptocurrencies are underlying

For more information, please visit http://www.eoepro.com/en.html

SOURCE EOE Foundation Limited