CX Planning – Is It All For Nothing?

Mindstream Interactive dives into what works, what doesn't, and how CX transforms business.


COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 13, 2019 /Kiewire/ — Mindstream Interactive (MI) released a white paper exploring why Customer Experience (CX) is a topic subject to increasing scrutiny within the industry. Using in-depth research, including a survey of 131 industry professionals, the white paper illuminates current attitudes toward CX and the popular tools organizations use to establish a customer-centric culture.

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Findings from the survey show 92 percent of brand marketers believe prioritizing CX is crucial. However, the story becomes more compelling when compared with recent readouts on the verifiable impact of CX organizational initiatives. A study from Customer Think expands on this issue, finding only 23 percent of executives see tangible benefits from CX investments. The same report states 93 percent of CX initiatives are failing.

“This puts CX in peril of falling by the wayside—mistaken for just another fad—when it should be shaping the way forward-looking businesses operate,” says Steve Agganis, president of Mindstream Interactive. “Companies are finding themselves struggling to articulate what being customer-focused means to their organization and they aren’t sure how to best activate against their planning efforts.”

The white paper CX Planning—All for Nothing? explores:

  • If popular CX tools—like personas and journey maps—are working.
  • What makes for smarter, better personas.
  • Journey map best practices, allowing for extensibility and truly actionable plans.
  • How to document and prioritize opportunities around customer needs while balancing
    business impact.
  • Ways to foster customer empathy across an entire organization and who should be involved (HINT: everyone in every department).

Whether organizations are just starting the CX Planning process, or working from previously established tools, CX Planning—All for Nothing? shines a light on the challenges and provides clear direction on how organizations can not only see, but realize, the true impact from their CX efforts.

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