Camp Createability’s Autism Awareness “Flash Mob” to Roll Out at the Madison Capital


MADISON, Wis., Sept. 16, 2019 /Kiewire/ — 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Over the next decade it is estimated that 500,000 (50,000/yr.) will enter adulthood and age out of school based autism services. Of the nearly 18,00 people with autism who used state-funded vocational rehabilitation programs only 60% leave the program with a job. Of the 60% with jobs 80 percent work part-time at a median weekly rate of $160, putting them well below the poverty level. It is estimated that nearly half of the 25 year-olds with autism have never held a paying job. These are some of the reasons that Camp Createability is so important.

Camp Createability is a Video and Entertainment program and working studio for individuals with Autism or other disabilities. They provide career development, educational/vocational programs and support for Artists, filmmakers, digital designers, animators and Entrepreneurs with Autism/Disabilities.

The mission of Camp Createability is to provide children, teens and adults with Autism or other disabilities with individualized instruction and hands-on experience in the Arts and Entertainment field.

Their flash mob is a pre-choreographed movement that is be performed by clients, family members, friends, volunteers and community members to help spread awareness about these important programs. The approx.. 3 minute routine performed to a modified version of Katy Perry’s “Fight Song” begins with a soloist and then a core group of dancers followed by more dancers that appear to spread among the crowd, creating what we hope to be a giant, spontaneous public spectacle of unified musical expression, that will disperse as quickly as it started.

The Camp Createability “Flash Mob” will be hitting the Capital Upper Sidewalk facing State Street, Saturday, September 21st at 10am sharp. They have the necessary permits in place, but this will be a surprise 3-minute performance for the farmers market goers and anyone in the area.

For more information on the Flash Mob or to arrange for interviews and/or filming please contact:
Debbie Armstrong
608-577-5733 or [email protected]

NEWS PROVIDED BY Camp Createability