Blockchain + AI, Sophon Capital Community Redefines Black-Tech in Digital Asset Services


SHANGHAIMay 2, 2018 /Kiewire/ — Sophon Capital Community, a digital asset service community based on blockchain and AI technology, provides users with 24/7 real time, valuable, efficient and multi-lingual digital currency intelligent investment services, information services, and practical trading guide. By using blockchain and secure multi-party computing technology to solve transaction trust and data privacy issues, and  AI to enhance the knowledge provider’s service level and service volume, and focusing on the services of information, analysis and investment advice, Sophon Capital Community is committed to becoming the world’s first class intelligent digital asset service provider that integrates ICO project intelligent ratings with tape reading services.

At present, Sophon Capital Community has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the World Blockchain Organization and Caribbean Free Trade Zone. Sophon has become the only official technical partner for the WBO as well as the Caribbean Free Trade Zone in the field of its digital capital market regulation. The official authorization and endorsement will greatly enhance the strategic position of the community in the field of digital asset services and allow the community to focus on providing better service for every user in the community.

In addition, the community engages Dr. Bai Shuo (former Chief Engineer in Shanghai Stock Exchange), Dr. Frank Zheng(Director of Wolrd Blockchain Organization), and Dr. Bai’s team-experienced in multiple fields including exchange system, capital market, AI and blockchain technology and digital assets researching-as the one and only official adviser. With top experts in the adviser team, the community will certainly have an orderly and profound development.

Under the huge volume and potential of the digital asset market, the Sophon Capital Community is committed to becoming one of the top digital asset service providers in the world and making it a better platform for users to experience one-stop service integrated with information, research and investment advice. Referring to its counterparts in traditional financial field, Bloomberg, Reuters, Standard & Poor’s and Morgan Stanley, the Sophon Capital Community empowered by AI and blockchain will grow into a billion-dollar community and lead a trend in the near future.

In recent years, the rapid development of digital asset trading is facing the contradiction among the booming market and the lacking of market expertise, research, and investment services. It is difficult for investors to accurately grasp investment opportunities and prevent risks in the massive amounts of digital asset information, an endless stream of negative reports on ICO indicate so.

Based on this fundamental contradiction, new ICO service companies and information providers constantly emerge in order to seize the market opportunities of information resources and investment services. However, due to rapid development of the ICO market and capability requirements from a global perspective, the population covered by professionals has been extremely limited to its service expansion. In particular, the application of AI technology in the financial sector has accelerated the development of the industry, spawning a series of products and service directions for the development of digital assets such as smart investment consulting. The knowledge and service capabilities of professional investment consultants have been infinitely amplified through combination with AI technologies resulting in remarkable outcome. Therefore, AI technology will no longer need to follow the traditional established model, but can greatly improve the timeliness and effectiveness of the digital currency market information, the accuracy of the ICO rating, and the increment of the smart bet. With the combination of AI technology, digital assets will move toward a more orderly and bright future.

SOURCE Sophon Capital Community