Alphacon Network, the Blockchain Based Healthcare Big Data Platform, Announcement of the White Paper Release and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Schedule


SEOUL, South Korea, April 29, 2018 /Kiewire/ — Alphacon Network, a differentiated blockchain based healthcare Big Data platform which collects, analyzes, standardizes, and distributes healthcare Big Data, has announced the release of their White Paper and the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) schedule for Alphacon (ALP) tokens on the official homepage.

With the rapid growth of healthcare data, the attempts to integrate, store, and analyze it continue. However healthcare Big Data, which is at the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution, has yet to establish itself due to the lack of information protection policies and limited social awareness. While trading and collecting such personal, healthcare big data, blockchain technology creates a value ecosystem that utilizes Big Data as a solution for future preventative medicine.

The Alphacon Network not only gives individuals ownership of healthcare Big Data through its blockchain-based healthcare Big Data platform, but also gives them the freedom to exercise their right to store, distribute, and utilize healthcare Big Data through the creation of an ecosystem which ultimately will lead to the 120 year lifespan of the Alpha Age era with personalized health solutions optimized for each individual.

Participants in Alphacon Network can distribute, trade and associate economic activities within the blockchain ecosystem. Individuals who agree to have their healthcare data shared and distributed are given Alphacon tokens at a predetermined rate and provided with personalized health solutions.

Alphacon Network was established in Singapore and consists of a consortium of companies that have expertise in their respective fields. The consortium consists of global PR/Marketing company Hahm Shout, M&A ecosystem providing Korea M&A Center, my23 Healthcare, data analysis company Interezen, etc. Each company focuses on their area of expertise to provide collective business synergy with one another. My23 Healthcare provides genomic DTC services and personalized nutrient solutions based on analysis results, Interezen is responsible for data analysis, Hahm Shout is in charge of all PR and marketing, and the Korea M&A Center will oversee business expansion through M&A efforts.

Healthcare data collected and traded in the Alphacon ecosystem is genetic analysis, nutritional balance analysis through network hospitals, and healthcare data based directly on IOT. The strength of this ICO is that it is directly related to the core businesses of Interezen and my23 Healthcare.

In addition, for clients who apply for the genomic analysis service and request genomic Big Data through the website, the approximately 800,000 mutations are produced at once in the form of microchip array for each individual. With the genomic analysis service, Alphacon is also conducting an event for the first 2,300 customers who agree to apply for Big Data by giving out Alphacon tokens and interchangeable coupons.

The Private Sale was conducted on April 8th, with the Public Sale to start on May 23rd at 00:00(GMT+8). Participation for the Public Sale will be conducted through Ethereum (ETH), with 1ETH equal to 100,000 ALP, and the minimum participation amount being 0.1 ETH. The total amount of Alphacon tokens to be issued is 25 billion, with 30% of this total to be issued for this ICO.

More details on Alphacon can be accessed at the official Alphacon website (

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